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Criminal Justice Salary and Educational Requirements


Two important aspects of a career are life fulfillment and salary. Do you like what you are doing and is it paying your bills? Before you choose what type of education to pursue you might be interested in what type of Criminal Justice Salary and career you want. There are distinct differences in salary based on whether you choose a job in the private sector of criminal justice or the public sector.

Jobs in the private sector include a legal secretary, detective or private attorney. These jobs deal directly with a single business, attorney or corporation. Public sector jobs include working for the federal, state or county government. Careers might include probation officer, parole officer, social worker or police officer. Private jobs often have the higher salary but the most comprehensive benefits and pension package is from the public sector. Here are some interesting careers and the average Criminal Justice Salary of each.

Let’s start with the careers that require the least education. Becoming a legal secretary or paralegal might only require you to complete a certification program. The class can be done online or on site at a university. You can opt to get an associates degree or a bachelors degree depending on your preference and the requirements of the job you are seeking. The average salary of a paralegal is around $30.000. You can make more by working for a firm or an attorney long enough to increase their office revenue.

A security criminal justice job might vary, both in salary and in education requirements depending on who’s hiring you. Education and training could range from 6 months to 4 years. Find the company or organization you want to work for so you know what you need to complete in order to be qualified. Often times, a course where you are taught protection and hold methods on top of resolution methods is satisfactory. The salary can start a low as $35,000 but exceed $50,000 depending on risk and your length of employment.

One of the best criminal justice jobs available lies within the Government agencies. Security for prisons or other government controlled programs can offer the highest salaries from $50,000 to $75,000. These careers usually require about 5 years of schooling and academy like program completion.

Choose a career based on the most suitable Criminal Justice Salary offered and the education you feel is feasible for you. Take part of this infinitely interesting field by enrolling in criminal justice school.

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